This is my first proper release of original music! I have put together some of the pieces I have written during my composition studies, and divided them into two albums. This first one, called Indoor Pieces, features the more quiet, introverted music. Music with an indoor voice if you will. This is pieces for solo instruments, and small chamber groups, as well as some pieces that are electronically produced.

The next album, (you guessed it) will be called Outdoor Pieces and will be released later this year. This will feature bigger ensembles, louder volumes, and maybe you will even hear some birds!


  1. Tiny Prelude (2022)
    Duration: 00:54
    Produced electronically
  2. My Room (2020)
    Duration: 02:27
    Produced electronically
  3. Ueve (2021)
    Performed by Tomas Nannestad
    Score is available from musikkbutikken
  4. String Quartet nr. 1 (2020)
    Duration: 04:48
    Performed by Alohomora quartet:
    • Stinius Maurstad – Violin
    • Katherine Wang – Violin
    • Dorothea Moeri – Viola
    • Karin Hannisdal – Cello
  5. Color and Structures (2022)
    Duration: 08:17
    Score is available from NB noter
    Performed by Ensemble 3030:
    • Birgitte Frendal – Flute
    • Ragnhild Benedikte Myrbakk – Clarinet
    • Sigve Lieberg Stieng – Violin
    • Mitra Fagerli Rahman – Viola
    • Elvira Göransson – Cello
    • Hans Kristian Ven Røstad – Conductor and piano
  6. Sunlight (2023)
    Duration: 00:42
    Produced electronically